Monday, 17 August 2009


Salam semua.. pagi ni mel nak berkongsi bersama sedikit email yang kawan asben mel tuliskan... boleh lah kita berkongsi info ... bagi menangani virus HINI..

One good common household spice which you can easily get would be Habbat-el-Sauda or Jintan Hitam. If you can buy the minyak all the better. I think you can buy that at any Indian Spice Shop or at Chow Kit Road Market where they sell the rempah. Ash for Minyat Habbat-el-Barakat. Just a tea spoonful a day would suffice. I bought one bottle from one of the spice shop at Kings Road Penang for RM 10.50. Don't waste your money on those expensive ones. It does wonder to your body system.

Jintan hitam has two properties which makes it relevant for prevention and treatment of H1N1. It has antiviral properties which is viricide rather than viristatic. At the same time it has immune stimulating properties which will help increase your immune system.
Qala Rasul Allah Salllahi 'alaihi wa salam " 'Alaikum bihadza al-habbat al-sooda' fan fiha shifa' min kulli da'a illa al-sam"

Translation: "Use the black seed, for it heals all disease except As-sam i.e. death"This is one of the plants that I will be working on for the treatment of H1N1.

Dr. AG
Langkawi, Kedah

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